As the fall semester comes to a close and the holiday break commences, many students are probably looking forward to a well-deserved recess from thinking about schoolwork.  The staff at BoostmyGrades has also worked hard all semester helping students like you earn good grades, and in fact we will be working throughout the break to continue to improve our services and get prepared for the spring term.   We wanted to start off by letting you know why its important for you to put some thought into your upcoming class schedule and consider the benefits of BoostMyGrades.   We’ve found that the process is always smoother when we have the opportunity to take your class from start-to-finish rather than picking up mid-way through; heres why:

The tutors at BoostMyGrades have tons of experiences with online classes and the standard software and browser apps that are common with them like BlackBoard and MyMathLab, however some schools add unique modules or have custom ways of using these tools, while other schools or professors might use an entirely new or proprietary system altogether.  It’s important for our tutors to understand how all the parts of your website work including how to post to discussion boards, log in to exams and submit homework.  If you evaluate your schedule and realize that you may need help, then its best to let us know sooner rather than later so that our tutors can familiarize themselves with all aspects of your online class so there will be no confusion if you hire us at the last moment prior to something being due.

Hiring us early also allows the tutor to get acclimated with the material in the order and pace that the professor intended.  Our tutor will have the appropriate amount of time to work on larger or more extensive projects without needing to cram or squeeze an excessive amount of work into a tiny window of time.  This ensures all of the output that is produced is of good quality and in-line with expectations.

Another benefit of deciding early is the cost.  We do our best to offer flexible payment plans for students.   The earlier you book, the more flexible we are with timing of payments; for instance purchasing our service early will allow you to submit a deposit on your online class for the spring semester and pay the balance at a later time.  Otherwise, if you book at the last moment prior to an assignment’s due date, we would likely require the entire balance be paid up front.  This can be tough for some students on a budget but we are willing to work with you to determine the best payment plan.

The final reason why it is important for you to evaluate your schedule and determine whether you might need help is because we use the same materials and books that you do and we sometimes need to order them if they are not immediately available digitally.  It would be difficult for us to take a History Exam on “chapter 3” of a textbook if we don’t know the material that is presented in that particular chapter.  If you realize that you are unprepared for tomorrow’s exam, we would have difficulty assisting because we would not have appropriate time to access the materials if only print-editions are available.  Thus, we ask that you provide enough time for us to get all materials necessary.

We hope that after the gifts have been opened, the holiday cookies have been eaten, and the decorations put away, that you will take a few minutes to evaluate your classes for the spring semester along with any other obligations you might have (like a job or social activities) to determine whether you’ll have the time or capacity to excel in all of your classes.  If there’s a class or two that you might struggle with, then you should sign up for BoostMyGrades; you’ll be glad that you did.