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List of Subjects & Classes we can handle:

Abnormal Psychology Aging and Wellness Accounting Advanced Math Decision Making
Advance English Composition Anatomy Case Study Accounting 1 Algebra
Advance Composition Anatomy and Physiology Accounting 101 Algebra 2
Advocating for Children with Special Needs Anatomy and Physiology 2 Principles of Accounting I Algebra 4
African Literature Anatomy & Physiology 2 Lab Accounting 201 Algebra for College Students
Algebra Anatomy & Physiology and Lab Accounting 202 Applied Business Statistics Class
American Government Alcohol in U.S. Society Accounting 212 Applied Statistics
American Government II American Government Accounting 280 Applied Managerial Statistics
American History Anatomy and Physiology II Accounting 291 Applied Statistics for Healthcare
American Literature Anatomy and Physiology Accounting 498 APPLIED STATISTICS FOR THE BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES
American Literature I Bioethics Accounting 504 Applied Statistics
American Literature from The Civil War to Present Biological Chemistry Accounting 505 Business Mathematics
Analysis Research II Biology 2 Accounting II Business Statistics
American Politics Biology Accounting for Managers Calculus
ANTHROPOLOGY OF WAR Biology of Human Concerns Analysing Current Economic Issues Calculus 1
Applied Project Biology Non Science major I Applied Business Statistics Calculus 2
Basic Psychology Chemistry APPLIED ORGANIZATIONAL SCIENCE Calculus and Finite Math
British Literature chemistry 1 Bus 1b Calculis for Business Administration
Business Communication chemistry 101 Business Ethics College Algebra
Business and Professional Communication Chemistry with Lab Business Finance College Math II
Business and Professional Speaking community health nursing theory Business Law II College Mathematics for Aviation
Career Development Community Nursing Business Leadership College Trigonometry
Careers in Professional Writing Concepts Biology:Topical Approach Business Managerial Accounting Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
Catholic History & Thought Crisis intervention Conflict Management Elementary for Math Educators
China: An emerging superpower Current Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing Corporate Finance Elementary Math for Educators
College Composition 2 Curriculum Development Critical infrastructure protection Elementary Probability & Statistics
College of Media & Communication Death Education Critical Thinking and Digital Literacy Elementary Statistics
Communication and Society Earth and Space Science Economics 1 Elementary Statistical Methods
Communication Earth Science Economics ESSENTIAL CALCULUS
Comparative Government and Politics Earth Science with lab Economics class for MBA Finite Math
Composition I Environmental Ethics Entrepreneurship Finite Math/Calculus
Composition I Environmental Science Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Foundations of Math
Composition 2 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE WITH LAB Family and Consumer Personal Finance Fundamentals of Mathematics
Composition and Literature Evidenced Based Practice Finance Fundamentals of Statistics
Conflict Resolution Negotiation Foundations of Healthcare Management Financial Accounting Geometry
Contemporary history Fundementals of Chemistry Financial Management Geometry 2
Criminal Evidence & Procedure FUNDAMENTALS OF PHYSICS Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Integrated Math I (Algebra & Logic)
Criminal Justice General Chemistry Global Economic Environment Integrated Math I
Criminal Justice 4365 Geology HUMAN RESOURCES AND EMPLOYMENT LAW Integrated Math II
Criminology Healthcare Regulatory Compliance – Rules and Standards Human Resource Management Intermediate Algebra
Critical Reading Health Assessment for Nursing profession Intermediate Accounting 2 Intermediate Statistics w/ Computer Application, 4 Units
Crit Read, Writ & Think Health & Wellness International Business Introduction to Finite Mathematics
Critical Infrastructure Protection Health & Wellness Capstone International Management Introduction to Statistics
CTVR 7 Cross Cultural Cinema Fall 2018 Health Nutrition Intro to Quantative Business Skills Introduction to Statistics
Cultural Anthropology Health Science Intro to Managerial Accounting Introduction to Probability & Statistics
Culture and Society of Italy Human Biology Introduction to Business Intro to Quantative Business Skills
Dance History Human Anatomy and Physiology II Law and Ethics in the Business Environment Introduction to Statistical Methods
of Psychology & Sociology
Death as a Fact of Life Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Leadership for the 21st Century Introductory Algebra
Delinquency & Crime Prevention Introduction to Biochemistry Macroeconomics Math 110
Disaster Planning & Management Introduction to Astronomy Management Math 140
Disaster Resilience Introduction to Health Care MANAGEMENT AND STRATEGY Math For college readiness class
Diversity in Society INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN GENETICS Managerial Accounting Math Reasoning
Drug Use and Abuse Medical Terminology Managerial Economics Math Modeling and Reasoning Lab
Early Childhood Education Curriculum and Instruction Microbiology Managerial Finance Mathematics: A Liberal Art II
Early Childhood Education Microbiology Lab Marketing Methods of Calculus
Effectiveness in writing Minority Aging Marketing Strategy Pre-Calculus
Effective Speaking Course Motor Learning Microeconomics Probablity & Statistics
Emergency Management Nurse management,effective leadership and Management Money and Banking Psychological Statistics
Employee & Labor Relations Nursing class Organizational Behavior Quantitative Methods
English Nursing in the 21st Century People, Conflict, Negotiation, and Resolution Quantitative Reasoning 1
English 1 Nursing Research Personal Finance Quantitative Reasoning 2
English 1B Nutrition Principles and Theory of Management Quantitative Reasoning
English 11 Nutrition, Health, and Wellness with Lab Principles of Accounting Stat Decision Making
English 098, Sections 1016, Preparatory Composition (Online) Patholophysiology Principles of Accounting I Statistical Literacy
English 100 Patient Safety Systems & Strat 19EW3 PRINCIPLES OF MACROECONOMICS Statistical Methods 1
English 101 Physical Science Principles of Economics Statistics 1
English 102 B34 Physical Science Laboratory Principles of Finance Statistics A
English 102 Physics Principles of Financial Management Statistics B
English 103 Physics 12 Principles of Economics Statistical Analysis
English 10A Planning in Public Health Principles of Macroeconomics Statistical Reasoning for the Health Sciences-Kittle
English 10B Pop Health & Cultural Comp 19EW3 Principles of Marketing Statistics for Social
English 110 Principles of Environmental Science Principles of Management Statistics and probability
English 112 Principles of Human Nutrition & Disease Principles of Microeconomics Research and Statistics in Human Services
English 3 Principles of Physics Project Management Trigonometry
English 4 Professional Dynamics Research Methods (Business)
English 123 PSY 2022 Human Growth & Development Strategic Management
English Composition Public health management
English Composition I Public Health Promotion and Disease prevention
English Composition II Research in the Health Care Sciences
English Literature Research in Nursing
English Literature and composition Research guided evidence based nursing practice
Environmental Politics and Policy Research Writing
Ethical and Legal Issues in Homeland Security Risk management in health care (nursing class)
Ethics in Technology RN – BSN PHL 5
Europe’s Bloodiest Century Science 10
Federal and Texas Constitution Science and Medical Terminology
Federal Government Sexuality in a Diverse Society
Fine Arts Appreciation Social and Behavioral Health
Fine Art Social Context of Aging: Global Perspectives
First Year Composition Strategic Planning and Organizational Development for Health Care
Forensic Psychology theories and concepts in leadership & managment of nursing
Freshman Composition The Scientific Basis of Sustainability
Freshman Rhetoric and Composition Transitions in Professional Nursing
Freshman Writing Online Trends and issues in todays healthcare
General Psychology
Global Christianity
Global Political Economy
Graduate Student Success
History 1302-2802
History 101
History 101
History 212
History of Music
HIstory and Systems of Psychology
History of Psychology
History of Western Art
HIstory and Systems of Psychology
History of Western Civilization I
History of Western Civilization I
Human Growth and Development
Human Infomation Behavior
Human lifespan Psychology
Human lifespan
Human Sexuality
Human Sexuality
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Inferential Statistics in Psyhology
Innovative Leadership
Interdisciplinary Studies
Intercultural Communication
International Politics
Interpersonal Communication
Intro to Clinical Psychology
Intro to Homeland Security
Intro to Bible
Introduction to Communication
Introduction to English Language Learners
Introduction to Ethics
Introduction to Humanities
Introduction to Research
Intro to Liberal Arts
Introduction to Literature
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Research
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Speech
Judicial Process
Jazz Music
Law of Patient’s Rights
Law & Ethics
Chicano Legal History
Law of Medicaid & Medicare
Legal Environment of Business
Legal Environment of International Business
Liberal Studies
Lifespan Development of Psychology
Literature and Composition
Management for organizations
Master of Public Administration
Measurement and Analysis in Criminal Justice
Media History
Middle Eastern Culture Society
Modern Art in the US
Music Appreciation
Native American Culture
Oral Communication
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Development
Organizational Communication
Parenting Today
Political Science
Politics of Public Safety Administration
Pop culture: woman and gender
Public Administration
Practical Philosophy
Private Sector Homeland security
Psychological Well Being
Psychology of Human Development
Psychological Tests and Measurement
Public Relations Writing
Public Adminsitration
Quantitative Methods
Quantitative Methods – MBA Pre Program
Quantitative Research Design
Research and Statistical Methods
Research Design
Research Methods Class
Research Master’s in License Professional Counseling
Research and Statistics in Human Services
Scientific Literacy in Psychology
Senior Seminar in Psychology
Senior Seminar Homeland Security
Sexuality in Diverse Society
Social problems
Social Psychology
Social Psychology
Social Strat & Social Systems
Social Welfare
Sociology 2000-16440
Sociology of Child Welfare
Statistics and Research II
Survey Of Art History
Survey Of Art History II
Survey of Mass Media Communications
System Perspective
Technical Report Writing
Technical Writing
Technical and Business Writing
Terrorism Response Operation
Tests and Measurement, 3 Units
Texas government
The Drug & Alcohol Treatment Process: An Introduction
The Inclusive Classroom – Online Plus – 2018 Summer Quarter Term 1
Theories of Personality
Theories of Counseling
United States History I
History of the United States to 1865
United States History to 1865
US History
US History 2
US History I
US HIstory B
Violence in america
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization 1
Western Civilization 1
Western Civilization 1
Western civilization II
WMD Security
Women and Gender Studies
World History I
World History
World History 2
World Literature
World Literature through the Renaissance
World Literature through the Renaissance
World Regions in a Global context
Written English and Literary Studies I and Elements of Exposition
Writing Process
Writing and Inquiry
Writing 112

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