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How to get started?

It’s simple, just go to our easy to use sign up page, and link up to get your online class completed with an expert. After you sign up, you will add your assignment or online class details. What does this include: due date, subject, URL of school, and other aspects that give us the ability to take your classes. During the entire process, if you will be given the ability to chat with our tutors, as well as our management team. Therefore, you can address any issues with your classes, and or concerns you may have during this process. We maintain transparency through the entire process, a rarity compared to our competitors.

Is this safe, and can you do any class?

Yes, we can do any class mostly. We are 100% safe, and give you 100% SSL secure confidence through our website, that way you know all your data and personal information is safe and secure. We have everything encrypted as well as an extra layer of protection. So if you are thinking of hiring someone to take your online class and are seeking online class help, you may want to make sure a website is 100% safe in this area. Also, make sure you are 100% sure the website you are hiring isn’t a scam or fraud. There are a lot of fake reviews online, so we don’t recommend reading those to determine it. However, we do have ways we’d suggest when talking to providers that do online classes. Namely, you can ask to put a deposit on the job, so that way you do not fully pay up front for online class completion services. Another thing is to make sure you use a major credit card, so you can dispute the charge if there are any issues whatsoever. It’s important to be able to reverse a charge if a web site isn’t safe and secure. Keep in mind, you are protected by your card agreements.

What else should I know when hiring an online class help company?

Just that there are several options out there, so be careful. Don’t hire anyone who seems shady, or eager to get you to sign up. If they are more eager than you, be weary. The fact is, there are only so many classes an online class help company can take, and therefore you want to ensure you are not falling into their failure rate. If you do fall into the failure rate, you are not only risking your online class, money, but your reputation at your school. Make sure that you hire someone who isn’t going to take your money and run.