It is not uncommon for students to use Google or other search engines to find people or companies that can assist them with their classwork. There is a broad spectrum of help available; some come in the form of online forums where students can post questions; this method is appropriate if the student only has one or two questions that need to be answered and if those questions can be easily articulated on forums without having to include attachments or use special characters that may not be available in the editor window. Also highly available are tutor offerings which provide online or in-person guidance to help the student better learn the class material. Use of this service is beneficial for those people who may have teachers that do a poor job of communicating the lessons or those students who learn better in a one-on-one setting. Other services that are offered on the web are those like BoostMyGrades which will perform the classwork or assignments on behalf of a student. Some people may want to classify these as cheating sites, but we beg to differ; students who opt to use websites like these are typically overwhelmed with other obligations and do not have the time or resources to dedicate to auxiliary classes. Some students decide to use the service at the onset of the course, while others will attempt to balance the class and other obligations for several weeks before acknowledging that the load is too much, at which point they will request BoostMyGrades or another company to intervene and take over the work.

The cost associated with online class help can vary based on several factors. These include the level of the work (high school, college/university, grad school), the type of work (entire class, single assignment, test, or project), and the timeframe in which the work needs completed. When shopping around, its important to note what is included for a specific price; for example, if a student received a quote for an online class he or she needs to know that all classwork is included (not only assignments, but also the tests, discussion board posts, etc).

BoostMyGrades is a website built to offer the maximum efficiency and transparency for those students seeking online help. Understanding privacy concerns and acknowledging the struggle for some people to pick up the phone to discuss their academic needs, BoostMyGrades developed an online system to allow the entire process to be executed through a simple web interface. This includes receiving a quote, paying the invoice, communicating with the staff regarding assignments, and tracking all work being performed. In three steps, anyone can receive a no-obligation quote by entering a few simple details. Immediately a price for the work will be calculated. If satisfied, students can hit the purchase button; this will generate an email that is sent to his or her email address with an attached invoice. To pay the invoice, one needs only to click on the link in the email. A secure payment can be made using any major credit card (all transactions will be billed to “Homework Consultants” on credit card statements). Payment plans are available to those who qualify.

Keep in mind that many students can benefit from online class help; we have assisted students from all over the world, in dozens of academic subjects and levels. Even Ivy-league students can find help for the crazy workload that they deal with daily. Allowing BoostMyGrades to unburden students for one or two classes provides free time to dedicate to more important endeavors. We encourage anyone who is considering online help to get a free quote, explore our website, and chat with our reps (online or over the phone).